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what do you suggest to make chess.com a better place

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    hola,en este post mi intencion es preguntarles...

    me gustaria que el lector me dijese en comentarios que sugiere para mejorar chess.com y hacer de ella una pagina mejor.yo,sugiero que chess.com se fije en paginas como lichess y cree mas minijuegos,como por ejemplo,el atomic,o para los amantes de las emociones fuertes,el ultrabullet,que son partidas a 15 segundos.en lichess me pueden encontrar con el nombre de legoman y en chess24 con el de legoman tambien.

    good bye

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    hola,se me olvido decirles que comenten el tema porfa

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    the  V3 game analysis is poor compared to V2.  Fine that you use our computer power to do the work, but the functionality is really 1 on a scale of 10 with 10 being a good thing.  Maybe you could provide some instructions on how you thought players would use it so that we could see what we are supposed to do.  When I click reset board and play again I expect to go back to the board the way it is in the real game, not back to the same experiment I just tried.

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    yes ,is razonably

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    For a start, have ONE SINGLE PLACE to make suggestions and a team that respond to them.

    Not this board AND a Suggestion thing under Help AND a forum group especially for it.. And then have no proper feedback.

    Having said all that, I've posted my ideas before but this site's obsession with high-speed, and that is compounded at another site where they support hyperbullet....

    Have kibitzer analysis like they do at chess24 for certain games, in particular grandmaster showcase games. More grandmaster rapid. Make this a great site to watch chess.

    3-period time control so you don't get players deliberately stalling losing games. 3-days per move should be a maximum not an average. Also prevents players in slow/rapid live running their clock down as after a certain time they will auto-lose.

    Restricted rapid tournaments and verified accounts.

    Slower variants tournaments. 5+5 is a nice for a fast pace. On my own site I'd enforce a minimum 2 second increment on every game to prevent playing on deliberately to flag, and an auto-adjudicate option after a certain number of moves or time to get rid of players who deliberately drag out a lost or drawn game.

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    What I suggest is stop cheating others point for others. Chess.com doing that intentionally or this app is stupid as hell
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    I lost many games that I was winning
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    Um maybe have all tournaments rated so new players (like me) don't join a tournament and play really against high level players.

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    chess.dot.com is a better place!!

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    Ciarli yesssßß!!!!!

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    The NSA talks on my phone when I play chess.  Has anyone at the Chess Federation heard of such misconduct?  Very unfair!  

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    A boot option. You can boot your opponent from the game and have to complete against Komodo.

    Of course Komodo is better than your opponent (and you) so you'd only do it when you have a clear win and your opponent is purposely stalling.

    If it is a daily chess game, Komodo will play a move within an hour.

    Of course, playing against Komodo does not give you the licence to use a computer yourself.

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    PurpleShadow8 escribió:

    The NSA talks on my phone when I play chess.  Has anyone at the Chess Federation heard of such misconduct?  Very unfair!  

    yes ,yes  ,yes, yes......................

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    Actually, if you're asking... I have started a campaign for the precise purpose of making chess.com a better place! It is a movement of the people to take back chess.com from the elites and corrupt staff members, who have tyrannized over each and every one of us for far too long. Together, we will use our collective power to #MaceChesscomGreatAgain, and create a better and more fair site for all!

    I see my detailed campaign platform and join the movement, please visit


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    ehhhhhh queplatinum.png

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    I couldnt find a two player chess option for friend and I only single vs computer or online

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    You could make it easier for Admins to:

    1. invite players for tournaments by displaying how many invitations were actually sent.

    2. display tournaments the Admin is managing with tournaments that have not started on Top so as to avoid scrolling down daily to see registration counts and start them when registration stalls

    3. to assess counts of Club ratings in groups of 100 for standard chess and 960 so as to help determine whether there is enough support to accept challenges for a match with limits of rating range (like 1200 - 1300)

    4. you could add a limit to settings for both tournaments and Team Matches to exclude players with more than a data entry number for maximum active games.  Players with 1000 or 500 active games and lots of vacation days can grind a tournament to a halt. 

    5.  You could raise the limit to 100 games for TDs like myself who only have so many active tournaments because a) those players with more than 1000 active games and b) you wont permit us to remove a player as long as there are active games.  Perhaps the soft way to remove them is not permit another new game to start for them in that tournament, so they would be eliminated before start of next round - you could make the TD give an explanation so the person would understand the problem.

    end part 1

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    the Leagues do a great deal of work, to work around the limitations of Chess.com for the organization of competitive team matches against large number of groups playing off over a full year for bragging rights, for Std chess, Chess 960, and why not the other formats while you are at it.  Instead of Admins for a hosting league doing all the set up manually, you could do a lot to help with the overall process of Registering Teams, requiring each team to have two active representatives and one SA responsible for that league, a number of the rules that Administrators try to deal with manually could be part of the settings for the year, and be varied the next year.  For example the Admin setting up the 2018 season for TMCL 960 should be able to set a 15% max timeout rate for players registering, while the Admins for World League would want that value set at 25% for timeouts.  There should be almost all the same settings (for the Year) as can currently be set for Team Matches.  We need a setting that excludes players who have too many active games, who play too slow, who because of past poor judgement we want to Ban from that year.  Admins need to be able to assess a Strike ! and have a limit they can set so as to remove the team from the next round.  Admins need to declare a schedule of round start dates, minimum registered players required for start or Default and loose the match, and the system needs settings to have Admins deal with penalties for closed Accts, (we don't want closed accounts to be included in rosters at start of tournament), and so on.  If chess.com tracked the data but League Admin had final say on Teams registered, Divisions, format for schedule (RR or Swiss or XYZ) - it would really help keep players registered in V4. 

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    I suggest making the app just like the browser.
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    chesssdotcomv3sucks escribió:

    Limit the forums to legitimate posts pertaining to chess.  

     no estoy de acuerdo

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