What grandmaster's games should i study according to my style?

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    The master needs to be at least 2300+ and have  relatively a lot of games in the popular databases. My openings are 1.e4 as white, 1...e5 as black, and i play the KID in response to every other one of white's first moves. I am a positional player although i play these open games. i search to bring activity in to my games which lead to tactical shots.

    So basically i need a player who has good opening preparation, plays to bring activity into his positions and doesnt play for draws. And preferably plays 1.e4 and 1...e5. 

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    I have a lot of time. Im only 17 and all i do is homework and for fun watch chess youtube videos but i want to get serious. Please dont base your advise on my chess.com rating. The other day i placed 13th in a tournament with a score of +4 -2 in a tournament with the top 50 players being 1600+

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    I am one of those begginers who so thouroughly studied the openings and tried out every single opening just to come abck to 1.e4...e5 because i realize i need to start with the basics. I have the SIlman endgame book, i have my system, i have mastering chess strategy. I have 2 tactics books with over 3k tactics each. I jsut want to be the best chess player i can be from sheer hard work

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