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What happened to Josh Waitzkin?

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    MickinMD wrote:

    I also was well rewarded for hard work early on.  I worked my way to an undergrad degree at UMBC, commuting from my parents' home, and got a job my last two years doing research on chemist and gave a talk to the National Meeting of the American Chemical Society.  I scored very high on the GRE Exams (college grad equivalent of the SAT's).

    I won a scholarship to chemistry graduate school at IIT (Illinois Institute of Technology) of $9900 a year beginning 1973, the equivalent of $54,000 per year today plus a teaching assistantship of $325/month tax free ($1800/month in today's dollars) for 9 months each year for teaching two 4-hour lab classes per week.

    By the time I got to teaching high school I was so over-educated for the job, my biggest challenge was talking at a teenagers level of understanding - but I succeeded.

    This is wonderful, wonderful news Mick! Thank you for sharing

    I read Josh's book "Art of Learning" a few years ago and my recollection was that Josh felt he had reached his potential as a chess player, and couldn't get any better. I don't recall any mention about it being anything to do with money, but I could be wrong.

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