what if I don't want do chess but am still doing. What to do?


I don't hate it I just think it boring and well useless or just I can't do that

War-Cat wrote:

But I want to keep going. I need to win my dad, it's a goal I said but no progess .

Then keep going


And most likely you've already got your dad!




Just take a break from chess for a while. 2 months, 4 months, whatever amount of time u think would b good. Just occupy ur mind with other things besides chess. When u return ur likely gonna try harder and/or like it again.


Taking a break from chess is a good idea. I can tell you this: you will return to chess if you are really interested in it. Many visual artists throughout time have been pulled toward chess. They concentrated on their art first. The two are related. Art is play. Give your art and chess a chance and see which pulls you the most.Both require a lot of study. You must be motivated to study. Your Dad just wants whatever you want.


What are the time controls in the game you play against your Dad? What rating is he, and how often do you play on Chess.com? @War-Cat


We don't play with clocks, I don't know his rateing but his user name is  Brrabbit. I don't play much games but 4-5 is all I do, then I get tried or bored


watch and don't play


But then it gets boring to watch  others


watching is less stressful. if bored then you can go do other things. a solution for everything.


That makes sense