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What is a healthy chess match time wise?

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    If you want to practise chess and get experience faster what time limit would you reccommend your students to practise on? In my personal opinion i think 15 minutes is enough time if the student fully uses his 15 minutes. My other friend says 20 minutes is when talen really shows and expands. Another firend says bullets/ and 5 minutes are better because quanitity over quality. What is your intake if the student simply want to take more from his games to get better. 

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    To give yourself more of a chance to take more fom your games, give yourself more time to think. This is one of those cases where we learn faster by going slower. In a nutshell, if you want to make good decisions, give yourself the time to make them.

    Quantity over quality is a crock

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    Heidrich wrote:

    My other friend says 20 minutes is when talent really shows and expands. 

    Hm, sounds like one of those "how strong can the average person get?" questions.  A bit on the arbitrary side.

    Personally I've always felt that 30-minute games made for a good fit:  slow enough to actually be able to do some thinking (and calculating), but fast enough to be able to get several in in one session.

    Of course, now that I'm older and don't have nearly so much free time, this probably isn't quite as true anymore.

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    I like the idea of incriment for training/ practice games... that way the position's evaluation is always a bit more important than the clock.

    10 or 15 minutes as the base time with 10 or 15 second incriment is an enjoyable pace for me... although this seems like an eternity for online games, I often find myself in time trouble OTB heh.

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    On goodreads I am now TrumanCoyote. Smile

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    Yeah, not much longer.  And I used to be able to read for hours and hours as a kid...of course, it's not like I had anything else to do back then. Wink

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    any games that lasted longer than 1.5 hrs

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    The way I look at it is, gabbing is a continuation of the thread.  And in truth it never really seems to stop more relevant types from chiming in somewhere down the line, and keeps the thread in that little "active" thingie on the side, which makes it more likely for it to be seen by said relevant types.

    Okay, so I'll do anything for a rationalization... Smile

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    Still, did you see the note from the "fascist moderator" in that other thread?  Looks like some of them at least have a sense of humor too. Smile

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    Bronstein said 15 min was a good time control, fast enough to avoid overt blunders but enough time to be creative... but this was bronstein a genius


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