What other games do you play?

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    1st is chess, 2nd is dominos, 3rd is casino (card game), 4th is bridge, 5th is suduko problems. 

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    Aurora, a spreadsheet-based indy space game by Steve Walmsley.

    Hearts of Iron 3 (I was a member of the beta-test crew) by Paradox, as well as other Paradox strategy games such as Crusader Kings 2 and Europa Universalis 3.

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    Hearts of Iron 2, just getting into Crusader Kings 2, and I've been eying Europa.  A few of the Total War games.  Used to play Eve online.  

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    I used to play bridge (to club level). That's a great game; just as good as chess.


    Nowadays I only play World Of Warcraft.

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    1st is chess, 2nd is checkers/drafts, 3rd is Klawerjas (card game), 4th is 11 card Rummy, 5th is Pool.

    Nowadays its mostly chess 

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    I enjoy chess, backgammon, Scrabble, Twixt, Hex, Amazons, and Havannah, to name a few.

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    I play headgames. They're the best!

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    I like to play game of the generals, scrabble, and othello. At present I have no playmates to play those. I have not played chess for many years for the same reason. Until I try internet chess and chess.com

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    I play "Outwitters" https://itunes.apple.com/at/app/outwitters/id432969074?mt=8. It is a beautifully made round based strategy game, currently only on iOS, soon on Android too. Like in chess it is no element of luck involved in its gameplay. Players are grouped in leagues according to their strength and a good matchmaking system is included to match players of similar strength. The game is a real classic in my opinion.

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