what's your opinion?


Hi i have started playing chess on this app the 24 july 2017 (i didnt know anything about chess exept how pieces moves) and after almost 6 months, i just hitted 1500 yesterday.
I wanted to know if it is normal to hit 1500 with only 6 months experience about chess.
Whats your opinions?


What is otb? 


I just made a research and otb means playing in the board (so irl).

-> i never played chess which include a referee etc

-> i played maybe 20 games ( then none till i joined chess.com) with my parents for fun (thats why i only knew to moves pieces the proper way when i started in chess.com) and used to lose everytime.



its normal

it's not normal to be stuck at 1500 otb rating for more than one year.

I'd say that only six months and a 1500 rating is quite impressive.
It took me years to get to 1300 on blitz. >_

My opinion is that you want us all to tell you what a genius you are. wink.png


As a rule of thumb, never trust a chess player to accurately tell you their history (what kind of studying they've done, how long they'ed played, how frequently they've gone to tournaments, etc).

This is even true for your best friend, or for professionals. People tend to exaggerate or leave out important details.

From learning the rules to 1500 blitz in 6 months is basically impossible... so... there you go. Take that however you want.