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What's happened to wolffchess.com?

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    I am reading Wolff's the Complete Idiot's Guide to Chess. He devotes a chapter to chess in cyberspace and lists his own website, www.wolffchess.com, and invites us to come and check out the exercises and all that the site has to offer.

    I went there. They are no longer taking any more registrations. Does anyone here visit that site? Can you get in? What has happened to it? Has it closed down?

    Too bad since the author of the book encourages us to visit it.


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    "Patrick currently works at San Francisco hedge fund Clarium, which is a $3B global macro hedge fund."

    When you're making 7 figures at a hedge fun you think a few piddley chess subscriptions matter? :)

    No worries! We have ALL of wolffchess.com's content on Chess.com in the Chess Mentor courses called "Champion Tactics with GM Patrick Wolff"! So everything you would have gotten in WolffChess.com is here and in a much better format.

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    Thanks, erik.


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    But now you must pay for it.


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