What's the deal with 3 minute chess?

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    waffllemaster wrote:
    Bonesy1116 wrote:

    Ok, this probably applies to all the increments but I'm used to playing 3 minute on ICC and I have a lot more time it seems on those 3 minute games.  If I think for just a little bit, I have to blitz all my moves off to have a chance not to lose on time.  On ICC i can get in 2 or 3 moves a second at times.  Here, it's like the best I can do is 1 move every 2 seconds.  It feels like my opponents time moves slower than mine which I'm sure is wrong.  Should I just treat 3 minute chess like 1 minute and blitz the whole time?

    I know this is really old, but maybe record it?  I'd be interesting seeing a side by side comparison.  You could show in the video a real time counter (how much time you took to move after seeing your opponent's move) and at the end of the game compare it to what chess.com shows for you.


    Also, I am able to get several moves in a second on chess.com, though I do not play on ICC so I unfortunately cannot offer a comparison. 

    I do think that an optimized computer may work better here than other places, and I have very rarely ran into other players who can move 4 or 5 times in one second here, though usually I haven't seen anyone that fast.

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