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Whats the deal with this site?

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    The ipad app is a joke so I'm forced to play on the computer.

    Now, I get this message.

    Your play is restricted because you have not followed our Fair Play Policy - which prohibits stalling, abandoning games or frequently aborting. You must now wait 5 minutes between games. This restriction will be lifted automatically after a few days, or after you play several fair games.


    WTF is it talking about. I do none of that!!

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    I'm getting the same probelm. server keeps dumping me out of games and giving it to my opponent. then blames me for abandoning games!

    my internet connection is solid ... so ..WTF?

    tried contacting moderator but no reply!

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    Fill out a support ticket.  There are some issues with this after the relaunch, I am sure they are working on it.

    Just remember the limited staff will get to it in the order received, you may not be first in line.

    It will still be handled for you quicker than kvetching on open board about it, though.  Wink

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    I can't play two games in a row because appearantly I'm not playing fair.  HOW HARD IS IT TO FIGURE OUT!!!


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    Thats how I feel.  Not to mention the site pays no mind to my settings and pairs me up with people way below what specify as a minum.  I USED to be a paying member. 

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    I have a tablet and the app works just fine for me.......


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