What's your dream chess career?


Assuming for the sake of argument that you're never going to have a career as a professional chessplayer (At 36, I've reconciled myself to this now! Smile), what other dream job in the chess world would you like to have?

  • A chess journalist flying around the world meeting and interviewing the top players?
  • A chess teacher, passing on your love for the game to others?
  • A popular writer of chess books? 
  • Or a chess website entrepreneur like erik and the gang here at chess.com? Laughing
I'll vote for the last one...although the pay isn't so great! :)

I enjoy chess. The last thing I want to do is mess that up by turning it into a job.  :)


However, if anyone wants to pay my airfare and lodging so I can cover the next world championship, I'm game and you know where to find me!


Thanks for your earlier comments sonofpearl

I did it. Bought my first fine staunton chess set some years ago - felt the heat of IT consulting and managed to get into chess as a retailer. The only thing I need to do is to segway that into an actual physical shop, with coffee, cakes.... and chess.

Store is www.chessbaron.co.uk with branches now in USA, France and Canada. Anyone who wants to run a franchise in Australia - give us a call.

i'm obviously biased... Sealed

Since I study at the interpreter's department in a linguistic university, I always wanted to translate computer chess games into the

Russian language.


I really like two of the choices:


A chess teacher, passing on your love for the game to others




a chess website entrepreneur like erik and the gang here at chess.com, Erik really has done a great job building a nice online chess community for all of us chess addicts to hang out at. Keep up the great work!

well i would love to be a teacher and hope one day that my dream to be a grandmaster will come true

I would be a chessgame ruiner. I would go from park to park and even infiltrate chess tournaments and wipe off all the pieces from the board  rip up any accounts of the game punch a couple of people and post it all on the internet or sell it to some tv show.

that is if I couldn't be a pro of course!



I guess i've already had my dream chess job.  I was a teacher/coach for kids at my local chess club.  I loved it.  I made good money, and improved at chess.

I could perhaps be the resident "G" on a chess website...

erik wrote:
i'm obviously biased...

Yeah, you're deadset against D, aren't you? Sealed

I'd go for a combination A, B, and C. But it isn't really what I want to do as a primary career, given my druthers.


I'm with likeforests. While I enjoy chess and following it, I would rather not have a job in it. Mixing hobbies and occupation can be a recipe for disaster (sorry erik Wink).

jay wrote:
I'll vote for the last one...although the pay isn't so great! :)



I want to be a professional player with the "WSBCA" tour.

    white sand beach chess association


Someday I might get involved with teaching chess at a local school or something.  For the time being, though, I'm happy not having any kind of chess career -- playing as a hobby is plenty for me. Smile

jay wrote:
I'll vote for the last one...


i think i'll be a chess teacher.assuming me myself cannot be a chess player anymore,it won't hurt to teach other to be a chess player...in fact it's just the nice thing to do!


It would be something I already do...teach chess! Of course I'm only teaching beginner's the very basics. It would take a while to reach the level of being able to charge for lessons. Who says you couldn't teach and write books. It works for Bruce Pandolfini.


i would like to be the chief judge at major tournaments and have a colorful uniform and carry a heavy cane or baton (like a field marshalls baton) and have a staff following me with rule books, and my decisions could not be challenged......just thinking outloud here...