Best excuse for losing


My dog jumped on me and started licking my face. I topple over and he jumped on the computer, cracking the screen. Plus he turned off my wifi.


   My cat jumped on the keyboard and made a bad move.


   I had a vitamin B12 deficiency.



 My. McDonald's food is getting cold



I am not you.

I had tickets to a movie and I was going to be late so I took the quickest path to losing so that I could go see my movie.

This is for in living flesh & colour games :-    I didn't get my flu shot shot & by the way..... guess what


I get so caught up in what I want to do that I forget that my opponent has his own plan, and I really need to question WHY he made that last move before I just jump into what I want to do.  There's no such thing as solitaire chess.


I'm multi tasking when playing. Carrying my phone and go to grocery shop and end up blundering my pieces