When you have 100 games going at a time.

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Leon_Likes_Chess wrote:

Guys I used to have 200 daily games trust me BAD IDEA you don't remember your last move on 90 percent of games and you forget all your plans.

You won’t believe, this...

but a guy I’m playing against in a tournament has over 1000 daily games going!

When I go to whittle away at all these games, his are the first I look for.  I want to send him games as fast as possible.

xD I believe you I've saw someone like that xD

At this point in my life, I can handle 100 games, even remember each one when it pops on the screen

No way could I do 200!

About 50 daily games is my comfort level.


Just look at @jaimelira.

scrabblechecs wrote:

Just look at @jaimelira.

That’s amazing,

And I didn’t see any games dropped on time.  I don’t know how he does it.  The guy I’’m playing dropped our game on time, and it was a 14 day / move game.