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Which do you prefer?

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    When I started playing chess, I ONLY played games online. no one around me played, and I didn't feel confident enough in my abilities to go to a local club to play otb.

    After a year or so of this, I started participating at a club near my college, and found it extremely difficult to calculate and visualize with the real pieces, not a perfect overhead view, etc. For a while I actually really disliked playing otb, simply because it was more difficult for me.

    Now, I almost refuse to play chess online, simply because I prefer otb so much more. The visualization issue eventually worked its way out, and I don't feel the pressure or necessity to win while playing online. 

    Which do you prefer? and why?

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    Always prefer OTB.

    OTB is more focussed + distraction-free as well as honest (you pretty much know you are not playing an engine .... unless the stakes are really high :)) 

    Interestingly enough, I always seem to remember OTB games from memory way better than the 2D/Online ones I played ... even though they were the same "slow game" time control where I pretty much used the same time mgmt in both formats.   Has me thinking that the tactile "touching/feeling the pieces" + the whole "chess club atmosphere" conditions the brain better to absorb every essence of the game.

    If you are fortunate to live near a chess club (which I am!) and can actually make the time (which sadly enough, I no longer can!),  consider it a blessing as this is fun, social (you make a ton of friends) and feels way more enriching!

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    I play almost online and I set up a real board, but only the actual position without moving pieces, doing calculation in my mind.

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    I have no choice but to play online as there are no chess clubs around where I live.  Only my friend plays chess with me on a board.

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    I prefer women.  But if there was a functional chess club in the area (weekly gatherings aren't, apparently), I'd probably go to some events to play OTB.  I haven't played OTB for years,  from a time when I was much more socially connected and out and about, and there was a local coffeehouse chess wonk who used to like to kick my ass at chess and help me improve.

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    I joined a club only a month after I started playing online. Most people there have been playing for much longer and thus are out of my league for now.

    There is a vast quality-difference between their good tournament-sets and the crappy sets they use for practice despite having like 40 of the good ones in the shelf. I find it hard to properly visualize with pieces that are too small or different in size.

    What I enjoyed most at the club were the tournament-games with the good pieces, really long time-controls and writing down the moves. That felt so... professional. ^^

    But I enjoy playing at the computer too.

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    Otb is the real deal...

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    Chess is chess. 


    Oh, I love the feel of a nicely weighted wooden set, the view from behind the pieces. The eerie quiet of a tournament hall mid-round has a charm.

    But for most people, OTB opponents aren't available 24/7 at a convenient location, and even if they were it is frowned upon to show up in your underwear with a beer.  So internet chess fills a need!



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