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Who is No - #1 Chess Player Currently?

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    Hello Guys, Today if you are seems , that chess is your good and your favourite games , you know very well, so tell me us Who is No - #1 Chess Player Currently?  

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    Try this: Google > LOOK IT UP YOURSELF.

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    This question asking for those people seems chess is  your favourte game .

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    I guess Carlsen because you know, he's just N°1 and World champion...

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    According Fida Ranking 


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    well if you decide not to rely on this then you would have to use observations and analysis of hundreds of 'super GMs' games, good luck with that...

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    BulgarianMachine wrote:

    wow, the second "who is bestest?" thread today.

    i guess we are in desperate need of a third one.

    and we are in need of another ivanov

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    what is the ranking of anand vishnathan 

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    Serioulsy dude do a google search or go to chessbase.com  Anand just lost the championship match to Carlsen.  Its like he is trying to piss people off.

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    Fida is only website which is provide chess plyer  ranking guys 

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