Who is the highest rated IM in the world?

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    I was looking for a rating list by FIDE of the top 1,000 players in the world but didn't find it. I figured there would be quite a few IM's on it, I'm sure there are. I know from personal experience that there have been many IM's that were far stronger than a lot of GM's, they just never got the title. After all, we've all seen GM's that arent really GM level. They'll have ratings way down in 2400's & many down in the 2300's. Sadly there are some in the 2200's. There have been IM's with ratings over 2600. A rating tells more than a title. After all, FIDE hands out GM titles to players that obviously aren't at that level just for winning a certain tournament. With the way FIDE is with titles today there are people under 2000 with FM titles! There are FM's that are better than some GM's! They should raise the rating requirement to 2600 for the GM as a start. Or simply recognize the top .3% as GM's. There are players right now that have GM titles that have never even reached 2500. Ever, in their whole life. That goes for other titles too, they've become diluted. Fide needs to stop trying to make up reasons to give so many title away.

    So does anyone know how I can get a list of the top 1,000 players in the world with their titles listed next to their names?

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    Its 2500 for GM's & 2400 for IM's but there are some that have never reached 2500 & they have GM titles. & there really are GM's with ratings in the 2200's. Sounds redicous, I know, but it's true.

    Fides site has it where any individual player can be looked up by name & it also has a top 100 list but no top 1000 that I've found.

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    The lowest rated GM according to that site is Arthur Bisguier with a rating of 2181. He's also the oldest active GM; I suppose it's no surprise an 84-year-old is not performing at a high level.

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    Thanx for the link, it's a cool site. Good info. I understand about Arthur but there are others that are far younger & never were at GM level but have the title. GM Bisguier certainly did earn the GM title because he really was at that level, unlike some with the title like they got it from the bottom of a cereal box as a prize.

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    once u get a title of GM evn if ur rating goes dwn title remains with u.

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    there use to be IM's rated in the low to mid 2600s but of course they all became GMs to name a few (Ben Finegold & Gata Kamsky)

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    Joshua Waitzkin.

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    Waitzkin, hahaha....

    Check these players out. They have absolutely no titles at all. Not even FM or IM titles.

     877 Lorenzini, Martin             ARG  2487    6  1975

    969 Graf, Felix                       GER  2476    0  1993

    1056 Predke, Alexandr             RUS  2468   25  1994

    1078 Lin, Chen                         CHN  2466    3  1988 

    1108 Dranov, Aleksandar          UKR  2463    0  1972

    & Alexandr Predke has been up to 2509 & doesn't have a title, any title. Not even a FM title. & He's stronger than a lot of pretend GM's.

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    When Vladimir Kramnik first played at Linares - early '90s - he was invited as a substitute for a player who got sick just before the tournament at the urging of Kasparov.  Kramnik was rated around 2600 and had no title at all - he had qualified for the IM title but they were not awarded until the FIDE Congress met back then.  I think he also had two legs toward the GM title.

    But that would make him the highest-rated untitled player, and you asked about IMs.  Vlad also rocked a rad look back in the day:

















    The second highest rated untitled player of all time was probably Gata Kamsky, whose rating and results were also ahead of the title award when he was a young teenager.  He qualified for the Interzonals before he had any FIDE title at all.

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    harryz wrote:

    Damon, are you sure? I was told by an FM that it was 2200 for IM and 2400 for GM.

    The FM was kidding.

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    I'm about 100% certain it's 2500 for GM & 2400 for IM. 2300 is supposed to be FM but there are players at 1800 with it & probably lower. Can you imagine a class B player struttin' around with a fide title? Hahaha.....

    Also Estragon, I don't think Fischer had a title either until he qualified for the candidates. Clearly titles aren't the most important thing in showing a players strength.

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    & Kramnik doesn't look any older today. The hair is just shorter is the only difference I see.

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    FM should be automatic at 2300. 


    Does the home federation need to apply?

    Norms are complicated enough.  If you are perfing at 2450 you can probably work out the rules for yourself.

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    The highest rated IM is Yin, Hao from China, rated 2583 ;) You can get the list on the FIDE website, entering an option 'advanced search'

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    Awesome. Thx for that. Thats a really cool tool fide has, the advanced search.

    Fun facts time! The lowest rated FM is 1613. Hahaha. The lowest IM is 1875. Lowest CM is 1377. Wow. Lowest WGM is 1860. The lowest GM is 2182. WIM 1589. WFM 1314. Dang. WCM 1283.
    What can I say about that last one? I just ran out of words.

    I understand there are legit reasons for some of these bizarre ratings of titled players, like very old age, very young age (got the title by winning certain tournament) but many (a lot) are in their 20's through 50's. Fide is just too title happy. They want to give too many titles away just so some players feel better about their chess abilities. Aww, poor thing, lets give 'em a title. He tried real hard, lets give him a title too. Oh, look how much she's studying, lets give her one also! Heck, it's almost like you can open a box of cereal in some places & find a fide title wrapped in plasic at the bottom of the box. Hahaha....

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    Yeah, ratings mean much more than titles but even those sometimes get manipulated. Not too often I don't think. I believe almost all fide ratings are a very reliable average of overall ability. Like average test scores over a long period of time. Or a batting average over multiple seasons. Or life time free throw %.

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