who is the most comedic chess personality?


who the funniest, most comedic strong chess player or chess personality you know?

i read Tony Miles' book and looks like he is a comedic guy. also the Dutch J Donner writing also look he is funny guy.

share what yours.


Tal was witty and always good-natured.

He may be funniest-strongest.


Mr Silman ?


Of top players, Ivanchuk.

Remember at the Tal Memorial, Carlsen arrived sick, which news spread quickly amongst the players.  When Ivanchuk appeared for their game in the 2nd or 3rd round, he was wearing a surgical mask.  Aronian and Svidler doubled over, and Carlsen nearly fell out of his chair, but Chuckie kept the mask on the whole game.


Fischer said quite funny things I think.


I always enjoy IM Greg Shahade's witty videos. He is not exactly "funny" but more like cool & fun.

I remember laughing very hard at Kramnik a few times. Anand made some witty remarks in the Topalov match too, like when being asked why they didn't shake hands, he said "I wasn't sure, maybe we had to shake the arbiter's hand or something". LOL.

Short "tries" to be funny often. I wouldn't say he is very good at it.


IM Danny Rensch is also quite witty as well, and IM David Pruess and IM Sam
Shankland are pretty funny together on ChessTV.


I remember one Tal anecdote from when Fischer was still a sweater wearing kid. Someone asked Tal how could it be that Bobby was reading Tarzan books when he never did anything but chess. Tal replied, "Yes, but Bobby knows that if Tarzan did play chess he would beat Cheeta."