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who is this girl and what makes her special???

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    royalbishop wrote: "Special AlCzervik" helps with all the special people like himself. ----------- I do. Too bad egomaniacs like you never listen.
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    AlCzervik wrote:
    royalbishop wrote: "Special AlCzervik" helps with all the special people like himself. ----------- I do. Too bad egomaniacs like you never listen.

    Nag, nag and nag! Is this the way you want to start the year. Only 2 weeks in and i here your nagging again. No i am not going to stop pulling the toilet seat up, not going to mow the lawn or put out the trash. Sorry not shaving my beard. Not going to stop inviting my friends over to drink beer during the NFL playoffs.

    Hold on i just realized i do not have to put up with your nagging AlCzervik your not my wife. Even better i do not have to care what you think. I rather have an arguement with her atleast it will lead to something like so good make up lovin! And i am not looking for any of that from you at all...... not option no way no how!

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    TitanCG wrote:

    So she found sponsorship or is doing a fundraiser. Kids do this for class trips all the time. I don't see the big deal about this.

    Even if she beat Anand i would not be surprised. Now if she beat AlCzervik and made him quit i pay for all her trips and some if she had photos of his face when she crushed him a few times.  lol

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    Not nagging. Responding.

    If you don't care what I think, you wouldn't continue to post.

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    Oh sorry I meant the fundraising wasn't a big deal. The tournament is obviously important.

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    GasPedal wrote:

    I don't know if sme of you are just troling or what, but the World Youth Chess Championships are the Olympics of chess for kids under 18 years old around the wolrd.  Kids in certain countries (not the US) takeoff weeks, sometimes even months to prepare for this event.  It is a big deal to qualify and to play in it. You re representing your conuntry, which is a big deal for most.

    Chess should be accessible to everyone to play, not just the rich.  Chess unfortunately is not a sprot that has lots of sponsorships, so people have to resort to fundraisers, etc.  Give this girl a break.  She's 13 years old and although her FIDE rating isn't all that great (1500s) compared to say the top boy6s for that age, it would put her in the Top 40 for U13 Girls if she were in the US, and can probably beat all of y9ou.

    Well last Christmas i saw so many Tablets, Smartphones and etc on sale on tv and online when i was not looking for them. Travel? I think they are finding more and more ways to extort money using kids. They did it with movies.... They create a big buzz about a movie directed toward kids watching. The industry hope some of their friends watch it. Then the pressure is on the other parents to let the remaining kids view the movie.

    Represent your country at the age of 15? My parents would say you better learn how to represent your city in a game first then later mention did i was those dishes and clean my room. Yeah she is 13 and has dreams. Has she heard of chess.com if she wants to play kids from other countries?

    I heard kids take off from other countries to play chess. lol. Stay in school and learn. And what are kids taking off from anyway? School she not come first before chess but the other way around. Next we will be talking them smoking at these events. Then will follow who said what to who like they are GM players. More like these events are getting out of hand.

    All that money could be better spent on a top GM as a coach if i had to do it. That way i can not frustrated if my daughter lost the game early. Plus i like to add a minor can not travel alone. More money more money more money and most likely eating some nasty food in another country. No, no and no!


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    AlCzervik wrote:

    Not nagging. Responding.

    If you don't care what I think, you wouldn't continue to post.

    Yeah that is what a wife says. She says she not nagging but in the end when i say it all i get is more nagging. And if you ever tried to ignor a nagger well i will just say it does not work. Try it if you wish.

    Hey wait AlCzervik  my dog.... i can get my dog let me see if you like to nag him! Hehehehehe

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    Hold on i have my camera out and my dog is chasing AlCzervik  down the street. ( AlCzervik  is yelling help and crying )   Good dog!

    Now i figure the reason might be:

    a) My dog is lonely and needs some company this winter.

    b) My dog not happy with the toys i bought him this winter & wants him.

    c) My dog is like most people and does not like a nag either.

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    Another solution.

    Create a tournament in your own country that way you pay nothing and collect the entry fee and she use it to improving her game.


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