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who likes mechanical watches??

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    I find Seikos pretty ugly myself; the comments on your profile make for rough reading.

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    mgx9600 wrote:

    watchuseek was a great and fun site; I used to spend a lot time there many years ago.


    Seikos are excellent working man's watch; like Toyotas, reliable and cheap to replace. (Yes, I know Seiko makes Grand Seikos, but not many people associate Seiko with those.)




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    Are chess players into mechanical watches?


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    Why would you need a watch ,hanging on your wrist ,if
    You’ve got a mobile phone by you .
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    It depends on your activities.  A lot of the things I do, the phone would be in danger of damage so watch is the way to go; for example, many people asked me for the time while we are out in the surf line up.  Or during music practice, the phone is just so inconvenient.  On vacations when phone has no service (out of country or on a cruise), watch is pretty useful (hey, another cruise trip is coming up for me : )  Oh, there are so many reasons; oh heck, even when mountain biking (no signal, why even bring a phone, just wear down its battery).  Or just motorcycling in the mountains, we keep the phones off (to save battery due to mostly no signal).


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    Mechanical watches aren't convenient though.  I'm talking about digital.


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    Quartz watches are both cheaper and more accurate than traditional mechanical watches, which hang around largely as fashion statements. 

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    ...and not being worn because we are always short of time and just don't have that extra minute to adjust those things.


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