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Who Will Be The Next World Champion?

  • #41

    Magnus will retain his title, or Wesley So will become the champ.

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    What about that new guy from Azerbaijan? Can't say his name from memory, but hes #6 in FIDE. Shakhriyar Mamedyarov or something? Anyway, I'm in the belief that Wesley So has stopped showing promise. I think Kramnik could possibly become WC as well.


    Also, it would be an honor to play Donald Trump in chess. I wish we had a president like him in Poland. sad.png

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    MayCaesar wrote:

    I would bet on Wesley, but really, everyone from top 20 or so has a chance - the difference in level between them isn't huge, and a match can go either way.


  • #44

    Next World Champion:  Garry Kasparov!


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