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Who will win Corsu, if?

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    Carlsen loses his match, while Kramnik and Shirov draw their respective matches and Anand wins his match... then who will win the tournament? With all players at 8pts ....how will they decide winner? or they will share the tournament ?

    ( I know Carlsen losing while playing white is highly impossible but still for assumption purpose, he loses the match)

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    There are tie breaks -- in the case of money, it's split.  Tie breaks are used for prizes that can't be split, for first place what you get is a spot in Bilbao Grand Slam tourney... because Carlsen already qualified for it though a different tourney I don't think these tie breaks will matter much to him -- he's probably thinking about his performance on the board and final score.

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    If we look at Corus site, the history shows that multiple winners are common-

    Year        Winner                            Points

    2009         Sergey Karjakin               8.0

    2008         Magnus Carlsen                8.0

                   Levon Aronian                  8.0

    2007        Radjabov Teimour            8.5

                  Levon Aronian                  8.5

                  Veselin Topalov                8.5

    2006       Veselin Topalov                9.0

                 Viswanathan Anand            9.0

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    Well Kramnik losing today gives him a good chance to win it now :)

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    also it could tie at 8.5 if carslen draws then shirov or kramnik win

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    I will be pulling for Carlsen though...Off the topic, but Nakumara suprised me at this tournament. I never knew he would be this good.

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    Well, Vlad beat Carlsen, so wouldn't he be above him in tiebreaks? Then Anand beat Vlad, but tied pretty much everyone else... and... oh dear. My head hurts. Let's just hope that Carlsen wins, or that all the mental math will be solved by someone else.

    In response to Berserkr: Naka is awesome, and I hope to see him at more high-profile tournaments to represent America. Go Naka!

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    Well i am also curious to know, how they decide tie breaks...

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    ankitthemaster wrote:

    Well i am also curious to know, how they decide tie breaks...

    A TD would definitely know more about it than me, but from what I've seen there are 3 or 4 different tie break systems, some of which are complicated and intricate and best sorted through by a computer (calculating average opponent rating, win, loss, who had white, etc)

    This wiki article is about Swiss systems and mostly has USCF tie break systems but it will give you a general idea of what's out there.


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