Why all chess rules are rubbish

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    My best friend's father-in-law is a bishop and we have a chequered floor in our kitchen - yet he moved over it fine, diagonals or no. Kings haven't been on a battlefield for centuries, pawn is blue rather than black or white, castles can't move at all, horses tend to go in a straight line (or sometimes round a large oval) and queens today are something totally different.

    Also, I've just lost a game and so it must be the rules' fault.

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    (p.s. it's just a game)

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    I agree we need to get rid of all the rules. They are so frustrating.

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    Rooks nest in tall trees, and Knights are long in Winter, but considerably shorter in Summer, at least at the Arctic circle, so I assume they dont jump so high over other pieces.

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    I think that the important thing to remember is that horses can jump over castles...

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