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Why are Chess Clubs Dieing?

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    typically its funding and low attendance.  seems to me that is happening around the world. in my area its not that bad. we have a chess camp that gets a good amount of players. some just maybe dont want to pay the money.

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    Good question. You can get your fix here, saves driving or travel.

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    adamredsox24 wrote:

    typically its funding and low attendance.  seems to me that is happening around the world. in my area its not that bad. we have a chess camp that gets a good amount of players. some just maybe dont want to pay the money.

    I think chess is a cheap sport compared to other activities in golf for example you have to pay for equipment and buy shares ( a 1000$)

    but chess union could cut down on some of the expenses  they keep sending out a magazine to all members without asking if anyone wants to read it. my magazine ends in the recycling bin without reading it.
    I think it cost a lot of money to make such a magazine.
    the reason I throw it away is they only care about +2000 rated games in the magazine and I think such a mag should be for everyone.

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    not a lot of people have that money though. thats the problem. We have a chess camp and we have seen some decline of membership due to the fact of payment.. (and i live in a very wealthy area)

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    sasha2 wrote:
    possit96 wrote:

    I am 12 years old and our school has a chess club but almost nobody goes to it, including me. the reason for this is, if any kid is caught by his peers in chess club he is considered uncool and unpopular. that is the reason kids chess clubs are dieing.

     Well it isn't here... We have a youth chess club that has now the highest amount of kids that we ever had!

    I understand what you are saying, we were considered uncool and nerds when i was in school for belonging to the chess club but now many years later i have a great job and wife and most of the popular kids flunked out of college and are on welfare or have been divorced a couple of times or are alcoholics interesting how life works.

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    i actually stopped playing chess from 18 until 25 ish.. that didnt help but i had to pick: education or chess. i picked education :) now i am educated and now starting to play chess. doing some business ventures with chess is quite hard.

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    One of the problems that I have encountered is that chess clubs are catering to the kids and ignoring the adults. Before you all yell that kids are the future of chess let me explain. That future is just a pipe dream. The kids will play until their hormones kick in. I have seen it when the kids reach their teen years they quit chess. Then when they grow older and saner they may want to rejoin the chess community, but they're adults now and there are only junior events. Look at the tournament listings.

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    we cater to every demographic. 


    " have seen it when the kids reach their teen years they quit chess." i did see that as well... i was apart of that.

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    Why are Chess Clubs Dieing?

    What's Danish for Internet?

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    As for catering to every demographic it doesn't show in the tournament listings. Here in the Tampa Bay area there are quite a few scholastic tourneys a few even have a adult section, but I haven't seen an open tourney in quite a while.

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    bobbyok-"....most of my work is mostly sitting down for 7.4 hours a days

    after work I go to a chess club and sit 3 hours more....does that make sense. playing chess online I can even stand up at the computer desk at home.
    would be kind of funny standing up in the club playing against someone sitting. therefore I don't know if I want to continue OTB....."

    why not have these, that is what they have at the pubs ?

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    Speaking of Danish, I used to play of some European copies of FICS [Free Internet Chess Server] back in the late 1990's.  There were all telnet sites.  One of my favorites was the Danish FICS. The head administrator there was a man who went by the appropriate handle, "The Dane."  I sort of miss those days. 

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    lol FICS come on. you cant mention an inferior server on here.

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    Tell me all you know about FICS and early iternet chess.

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    That would be a waste of precious forum nonsense. i would rather talk about chess.com and chess clubs.

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    In other words . . .

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    i'd rather talk about chess.com and chess clubs. (the topic at hand)

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    adamredsox24 wrote:

    lol FICS come on. you cant mention an inferior server on here.

    She's batgirl, she can mention whatever the hell she feels like.

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    oneshotveth wrote:

    I wonder if there's something that could be done like they did with poker.  Once they added the cameras and you could see what the guy had, it took off.  

    If they could get it on tv, and make it exciting somehow, it might take off. For example, I know how much the diehards or classical (for lack of a better term) would hate to see all competition down to 5 or even 3 minutes a side, people might be more willing to watch a game.

    It wasn't the cameras that made poker take off. They had been filming the games and showing the hole cards for decades before the poker boom.


    What set off the poker boom was having an average guy that people could relate to winning the biggest poker tournament of the year. It made everyone think they could be that guy and everyone started playing.

    I don't know you could do that for chess as there is no element of luck. The people who are winning the huge matches are not your average person that others can relate to and imagine themselves being.



    As far as the original topic. I decided to get into chess this year. I had played as a kid enough to know the rules and know how to castle (although I'm not sure I knew how to castle queenside properly as a kid). I knew about checkmate in 4 moves but that was it. I never  knew there were openings etc. I didn't play for a good 15 years or so and decided I should try it out again. I like the new depth I can learn and research now and I enjoy playing online. At the same time, I've looked into clubs in my area (there are more options than I thought) but I just don't have the desire to go to one.

    With internet chess I can pick up a game whenever I have some free time. With a club I'd have to schedule a whole night of driving and playing. The internet is just far easier in the busy word we live in. Sites like this also track all of your games and let you pop them open and click through the moves for easy review instead of having written down all the moves and importing the game into some other program.


    For me internet chess > clubs for time and ease of use. I would consider going to a tournament though although I never have before.

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    Oh Oh. . . I hope your are wrong/ I am starting a chess club for kids this summer. In my town of 200,000.

    Right now I have about 16 students. When I started 8 weeks ago I had 25 in one school.

    I am opening it up to the whole city. Hopefully more will come.


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