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why do people decide to become serious about chess

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    99% of the world doesn't care about chess and view it as a board game.  why do some people get so serious about it and want to become GMs and make a living out of it?

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    100% of the world view chess as a board game.

    Naive people think that they can make a living out of it. The tenth best GM in the world makes $150,000 a year and he has a 2700+ rating and there are about 1300 GMs worldwide.

    There isn't money in chess unless you are a prodigy. Most people play chess because they love the game. I think people assume that they can make a living out of chess, but they are missing the point of the game; creating something beautiful and challenging yourself to continually be better.

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    Why do people get serious about anything and want to make a living out of it?

    Because they enjoy it.

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    Because they do not want to become patzer and then play like this:

    Otherwise you either become SERIOUS or you become Vampire Weekend.

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    If me and 1% of the people in the world like something, why would I care of 99% of the people don't like it? Undecided


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