Why does Chess.com persuade you to buy premium and if you don't, certain things are limited?


lol maybe they need money or something


I payed chess.com for the lessons & analysis.  Moving forward to my subscription renewal, i'm torn between upgrading to platinum or finding a better lessons package for $30 that is better at navigating around the marketing of potential income for the site.

ninjaswat wrote:

Yeah, chess.com diamond membership is a waste though, $50 more just for unlimited lessons. That's why I got platinum instead. I play enough that it's worth it. Chess.com has made it worth it.


Unlimited lessons and the video library for diamond. 


I personally think it makes sense. The "learn" category has an insane amount of stuff. But I do understand how someone who does not want to pay can get frustrated in front of all these really cool features. happy.png


The biggest argument I'm hearing from @madness_outside is that chess.com should be helping people learn chess. (if this is incorrect please correct me)

but unfortunately chess.com, quite frankly, does not care about helping you get better at chess. Because, in all reality, they gain nothing, really, from you getting better at chess for free.




As soon as the boy becomes a master, despite the lack of help from chess.com, he should play tournaments with no prizes and do coaching for free.

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What do you think pays for all this.

I don't understand what you mean. I'll be more clear. Why does chess.com limit lots of features like Drills, Puzzles, # of Puzzle Rush, a daily limit on Opening Explorer, Analysis etc. I thought chess.com was supposed to help people learn chess. Even with the Gold Membership you can't access all Lessons until you upgrade to Diamond or Platinum. Lichess, on the other hand, has unlimited puzzles, puzzle rush, lessons etc.


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