Why does everyone talk English???


Answer: C


Another victim of the Mother In Law.....

..... his ability to speak has seriously been downgraded to null.



Pay us and we speak any language you wish.

Hey put up enough money and we do some grunting for free.

Hey how would they call the plays in the NFL if they were not in English.

Holla 4 Paco 34 Vamos Vamos Vamos.

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quak170 wrote:


No, I am not racist :P

But, I was wondering, since there are people from all over the world, why does everyone talk english?

Is it:

A: Almost all of chess.com is english

B: I only play against and read the forums of english speaking people

C: Im an idiot

D: Chess.com translates perfectly


Thank you for your patience :)

there are 3 notes on your page and they don't all look english

True, I have no idea why random foregnors posted that LOL. But that does point out that there ARE other people on here after all............


If we speak French our plates of food will be small. Our deodorant will smell different. My underwear will be different Now that is enough now body changes me from Boxers. Not wearing some pink silk set or color that looks pinkish. When i want a hug or kiss might get a kiss in air on my left or right side.

No we stay with English. If we change going to have to learn new way to make jokes about situations. That cuts into fun time. Anyway my Parrot speaks English it took me too long to teach him.


Quak, have you just had an epiphany?


soul plane crew :)



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Estragon wrote:
China holds more people, but not all of them speak Mandarin.  More people around the world are conversant in English than are conversant in Mandarin, especially among chessplayers.

Its there primary language so yes ALL of them do. That may not be the only language but it is the norm over there

Assuming you are referring to the first sentence, that is not true.  Not by a long shot.




This link at the bottom says it


now you have your anwser

kenible3 wrote:

everybody's an expert on china these days ...

Who makes Toyota?


My paycheck is in English!

Chess.com is in English.

My money is ....English.

The opposite sex where i live speak in English.

My tv...... they speak English.

Sports .....English.

My thoughts  .....English.

Do not like it see my lawyer he speaks in English.


What does that have to do with the price of tea in China? lol


Why do we speak English.

Well if you go to a Mc Donalds and speak another language and try to ask for a Happy Meal. Well you will be coming out with some workers 3 day old Bologna sandwich and not happy.