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Why only 700K players in Daily Chess

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    Not sure if anyone else looks at the stats but I saw the stats for 3 day move games/players & it's only looking at around 700k players, actually a little less than. Anyways, I find my rating to be in the 91% percentile which is a little scary because I only have a 1577 rating as I write this. Why so little # of players? And why is the average rating, low 1200 for all these players? I was expecting this to be higher but maybe I think that there are better chess players than there really are?

    Just curious because this seems a little bit off to me.

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    in recent years there has been a progressive shift towards blitz time controls. there are probably many different reasons, but one big one is cheating in the longer time controls.

    what's even scarier is that i am at 96.6 percentile, and the rating of the player at position 5000 (the last one listed) is now below 2000.

    the site definitely isn't what it used to be...

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    700k is still a lot of people!

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    I could be wrong but I don't think correspondence has been extremely popular ever.


    It is a different style of play and takes a really long time to finish games. I was really active for a while but scaled back a lot when some tourneys I was in completed. I just don't have the cycles to spend as much time on Daily games as they normally take (at least to give the effort they deserve grin.png)


    I'm sure a lot of people are similar in outlook.

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    Well I for one enjoy the relaxed pace of daily. I think I'm approaching my 3000th game.

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    it's also worth noting that the average rating of players involved with Daily chess has also fallen. In January 2013 that average was 1371, in January this year it was 1274...

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    Yay, I'm above average happy.png

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    Because most people are too busy playing 50 blitz games a day and wondering why they aren't improving. 

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    Daily chess is certainly the best way to improve. The games have higher quality, and you can play something like 50 to 100 games simultaneously. This is better than blitz as you will more interested in the postmortem analysis I games with less blunders and where you invest a lot of time thinking.
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    I wouldn't say it's the "best" way to improve, but it is a useful tool.

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    It's a strange quirk of fate that led me to correspondence / daily chess.  Growing up in a rural area, I had terrible Internet at home, and at school I was allowed to play chess on a school computer but on the condition that I log off the second someone shows up with legitimate work.  These two factors meant I couldn't play blitz, and I fell into correspondence almost by default.

    It's probably the best thing to happen for my chess development.  In four years my rating rose 400 points.  Sometimes I played hundreds of games at the same time, barely thinking on any one move; other times I played a small handful and devoted hours to each game.  The stronger I got, the more I did the latter.  There is no way I understand chess, especially the positional side of chess, half as well if I started with blitz.

    That said, it's easier to see why most people don't play it.  It's work.  Blitz isn't work.  Blitz is more akin to a videogame, where things happen fast and winning leaves you with a surge of adrenaline.  Very fun (at least when you aren't on losing streaks), but it's not the same depth of understanding that longer time controls can give.  That's why I rarely play it.

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    @SmithyQ yeah daily is a lot of work. I just started playing it recently. I only have 8 games going and I've spent all day checking databases, using the analysis board, and putting a lot of thought into all my moves. I've played maybe a half dozen moves in each game over the course of the entire day. I'm having fun so far. I like the work.

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    The daily ratings are pretty meaningless on their own.

    Someone like me who plays only a few concurrent games and utilises the analysis board a lot, cannot really be compared to someone playing 50, 100 etc,

    Such players may have a similar rating to me, but would be much stronger.

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    Still alot of players! 700,000! But not enough for a big country. Population of where i am living is about 750,000
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    Because Daily is a lot of work. I used to be 1500ish because I would always take like 3 seconds on a move, but recently I joined a couple of tournaments during the summer and I was using all my resources available, and my rating has gone up quite a bit, but it's tiring and I'm just waiting to finish those because with school and work I simply don't have the time I did during the summer. It just takes too much time. Which is why most people play blitz. That's always been more popular, at least online.


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