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Why resign so early?

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    If you were playing Nakamura and were down 3 points wouldn't you still continue?



  • #2

    You see the mate threat with Qxf2? Yeah not so good...

  • #3

    Rook on a1 is hanging, mate threat knight is under attack pretty much everything about this position is terrible for white

  • #4

    So, it's Nakamura!! That is like walking out of a concert 1 minute before the encore song is finished.

  • #5

    Against Nakamura or even a 2000 rated player, I think I'd resign in the last position of the game.

    I won't resign quickly against up-to-1900's online players when I'm down in material, preferring to try to complicate the game and hope for an opponent's blunder and I've won some games in that situation as well as had opponents resign when they were down in material or position and surely didn't know how difficult I believed winning would be.  Here's a game where I was a Rook down against a strong player and simply followed Fred Wilson's advice from Simple Attacking Plans to aim all my pieces at the opponent's king and attack relentlessly:


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     I made a video recapping this game, check it out... https://youtu.be/BAIm1d0s78A


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