Wierd live chess tournament glitch!?


Ok, i was playing in a live chess tournament of 15|10 games and i was 1-1 at the time going into my third game. I was paired with my opponent and i had white. What happened next was anyone's guess.

First, the sign came up saying there were 10 seconds until the game started but white players can make their first move. So i was white and i played 1. E4. After at least 10 seconds, my move was not recorded in the notation and the square e4 did have a pawn on it but the square turned purple for some reason. I was confused so i clicked on e4 again, after about 20 seconds had passed. Then i decided to try d4, mainly just to see what would happen. Unfortunately this DID count as my first move and 1. D4 showed up in the notation, but im an e4 player. I hate my own curiosity.

However the e4 square was still purple and the pawn was still there. There were pawns on e4 and d4 and my opponent hadnt made a move, but only 1. D4 showed up in the notation. I was thinking it was just a visual glitch or something so i decided to refresh the page and see if the e pawn would reset back to e2 and i decided it wouldnt be too bad to try d4. But when i refreshed the page i got a message saying i won because my opponent resigned.

The thing is, he didnt resign. Somehow the game glitched and i got a win.

Does anyone know anything about this? It was really wierd and i feel sorry for the other guy, user Maxwell_


By the way i played this game on ipad. Not the chess.com ipad app but ipad safari chess.com.

However ive played on ipad a lot more than ive played on normal computer so this is really wierd


hmmm...do you have premoves enabled in settings?


I dont know. I assumed since it said you could make your move before the game that i could do so. Either way i dont know if that has to do with the random resigning either. It was so wierd.


He said in the comments after the game that he didnt resign.


It resigned after i moved my pieces. It resigned after i refreshed the page


Well, dpnorman It seems like you might have messed with the chess.com settings so you could always win. I think you might be a computer hacker. I'm just saying chess.com is very accurate and would not make a mistake like that.


Just had to do that didnt you? You know better......i think........


Yeah, no idea. I assume it only happens in tournaments?


Probably should post this in the Support forum - the live tournaments are a recent feature, bugs should be expected.

MoonSnow wrote:


Same thing happened to me just recently, speak of the devil. I moved both my Knights without my opponent making a single move, and he "resigned".

If you're too lazy to watch the video, then here's what it looked like. But sadly the video didn't catch it directly in action, but I did get proof it happened.

On your video, if you look in the game chat area it does show after the first knight move, the game was over, so yes you would have been able to make that second move.

Once the game is over, you can make moves for both black and white as the board becomes analysis mode. You can move all the pieces and take all the pieces if you wanted too :)

When you made that second move, the game had already ended.