Will you become a CM ? ( or a NM, or a IM etc )


It seems a little disrespectful to strip several dozen highly skilled, highly dedicated chess players of the highest title available just to add more prestige to the top level. I mean, we ALL know who was invited to Tata Steel and who wasn't. No need to rub it in! Guys like Yermolinsky are so much better than even some titled players could dream of being, so why de-value his title from the bleachers?


I get the same sort of reaction when people see women's tournaments and go "awwww 2350 - what a patzer!" Well, YOU go get your IM norms and beat Elizabeth Paetz then. These people are good; why should people who are objectively weaker than them judge them as weak?


WNM Title Announced

Paris - chesspawn.png.com players today erupted in euphoria when The FIDE announced an all new Title, WNM, the "Will Never Master" Title.  Literally dozens of players in this forum alone are already qualified to claim  such a prestigious accomplishment.


Anyone who posts a thread claiming they: Will be GM soon, will be world champion, have no upper limit on their ability, or are their own 'favorite player' ('best player' whatever)


Should get that title automatically


I want to become a Grandmaster. Of course, it takes dedication. Those who have earned the tittle deserve to keep it. Unless, they break the rules that is. A GM isn't just someone with a FIDE rating of 2800+. They are an ambitionist. An ambitionist isn't good at anything except for being the best at everything they do. Or at least that is the way I see it. Being good isn't the same as wanting something, but you can reach your goal if you don't give up.

Eric-Cesar wrote:

It is clear that nowadays a GM is not always a "Grand Master". It would be nice to create a new title for the real grandmasters, for instance only for the chess players that have (and keep!) a rating higher than 2800. 

Currently there are only four Real Grand Masters (RGM) in the world:

Carlsen, Caruana, Ding Liren, and Mamedyarov


But maybe not far from the truth.

badenwurtca wrote:

Well of course there are those people who like to use the term " Super Grand Master " regarding the elites among the GMs. In theory therefore they could go with 2 levels of GMS ( RGM = Regular Grand Master and SGM = Super Grand Master ). After all if you were to use the rank of General in the Army as an example you can go all the way from the one star level up to the five star level and yet all of them are Generals.  

   ---   I'm going to stick with the " Super Grand Master " idea, has a nice ring to it.