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Won my first 2nd Medal in tournament! :D

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    Hey guys,

    Ive now got 6 medals :D Most are 3rd and im happy to say i got a 2nd :D! And now i cant wait for a 1st! 

    I'm really enjoying speed chess though i was at first one of those people who just moved peices so i wouldnt run out of time, yes this did make me win a few, but at the end i wasn't learning or getting better so in the long run its not a good idea. I now just sit there and try to play 1 minute games and think how to checkmate him and who cares about the time. 

    Because i've been doing this i've noticed i've gotten better :)

    So yeah, Haha - Love Chess !

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    congratz is otb chess or live chess

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    Live chess :p 

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    nice i think i have only got one medal i play everyday have a coach but idk i havent played in a tourney in a while though

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    You should gets your brain stimulated versing people there and then Cool


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