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World League Supercup: Sign up's are Underway! (You can sign up here)

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    Hello! This will be the World League Supercup's sign up forum! Sinp up's will be fairly simple and easy, just follow this easy application format:

    Team Name:

    Country Representing:

    TM Points:


    Main Contact (Super Admins):

    Other Contacts (Regular Admins):


    *PLEASE NOTE*, Teams must be 95% from the same country (I know it is not easy to maintain 100% from the same country) and ALL applications will be looked over. There is no limit to how many teams will get to sign up because there will be tryouts to make your country's team of 2 teams. 

    World League Supercup Group: http://www.chess.com/groups/home/world-league-supercup


    Thanks for reading, Norb68


    More info on the WL Supercup:


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    Thanks to BULGARIA and Team Andorra for being the first 2 to sign up!

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    Division CLassification has been posted!



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