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Worst game possible

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    hey guys, i was just wondering what is the worst game that can be played, i mean every turn, the player makes the worst possible move according to the engine... how will it turn out. and, is there any chess engine that shows all the moves in order from best to least so i can just pick the bottom most move? thanks happy.png if found out, please share!!!


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    wow that's cool!!! but how do u know that every move is the worst possible?


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    #3 makes my brain hurt
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    That was good, but in fact, the comp says that white made 1 excellent move, that was not forced!! try again.


    p.s i will give a trophy of choice to whoever can create the worst possible game...


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    yeah... good try though..

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    draw by repetition.


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    It'd be a draw. The better side would never mate, as that would be the best move. 50 move rule is inevitable.
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    Q: You want the worst moves ever?

    A: Play Anti-Chess!

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    Get caught in fool's mate 

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    ArubanRefugee wrote:

    Get caught in fool's mate 

    I thought so too, but then Black would be playing not-so-worst moves.

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    This was live 960


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    ^ Ya
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    White resigns before playing a move.

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    yes... that was along the lines that i was thinking... Thanks happy.png



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