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Would chess players be willing to fund someone?

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    Let's say i wanted to become a chess professional but i am not very good at chess.

    But i want to be able to live the "lifestyle" of a chess professional  (Fancy cars, big homes, chess fanatics following you around, people paying for your meals, you own gulfstream jet, etc.)   I am not joking if you are a GM and you play in the Millionaire Open, they give you free taxi service from the airport to your hotel!

    Anyway, let's say you are not good enough at chess but you want to experience that Lifestyle.

    Do you think if you created a GoFundMe account, that others would be willing to donate to your cause so that you could live that dream on a daily basis ?  or is it better chance to try to find a wealthy patron somewhere?


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    It depends just how good you are, and the amount of work you are putting into your chess. If you are a bad chess player you aren't going to be funded, but if you are a decent chess player and are improving there is a chance that you could be funded. 

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    Sugar chess?
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    Your priority should be to buy some clothes, it's getting cold outside.

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    It all depends on where you live. 

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    Send me a check and I’ll get started
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    No, we are cheap!

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    I'd go for the wealthy patron, I don't fund lazy people. 

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    stuzzicadenti wrote:

    if you are dating or married to a GM you can enjoy all the privileges of the GM lifestyle without having to put in any of the hard work. for example Nakamura's girlfriend gets to experience what it's like to be as rich and famous and respected as Nakamura, and she only sometimes has to carry around his Red Bull. sounds like a great deal to me.


    What is the name of Nakamura's girlfriend?

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    At least she's not stuck with ads on her clothes. 

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    That's Naka's lady? My compliments to the man! She looks like fun.

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    I occasionally help fund my local animal shelter.  Funding unknown chess aspirants would be quite a jump from that, unless you're willing to periodically change into a cat or a dog and do tricks in my living room for my friends at parties.  Nakamura's girlfriend looks like a big strong girl; I'm impressed.    

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    does naka shave his beard?


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