Would you play Chess in your car?

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    I have now progressed to utilizing my lappy on my lap and the built in chessplayorater.

     I now play multiple games on both whilst driving, reversing whilst playing bullet is still tricky but I am getting better.

    This is not only increasing my rating in chess but I do believe my driving ability is much stronger and safer for it.

    Great forum, ty

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    ITISMYMOVE wrote:


    Try to be alert whilst doing this. Pommie roads can be a real hazard.

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    Only if im driving otherwise i probley have something better to do

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    I also have played chess in a plane, train,.. but I do quite a bit of driving and playing while driving is not good for you :-)

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    Blindfold chess is bad for the driver.  Whatever parts of the brain that are responsible for visualization of chess seem to also be the parts needed to see the road.  I've analysed some in my head while driving back from a tourney and it's about as bad as shutting your eyes.

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    Chess is surely better than bong hits or drinking.

    Many assert it will raise your IQ.  If you live long enough to talk about it.

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    Driving and being distracted by chess or any other activity should not be encouraged. It all sounds funny...until the fatality happens...and then you just can't take back that move. My statistics professor said "you can close your eyes, and run across the road many times without being killed...but it just takes one time to realise how stupid that was".

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    skinnypurpleducks wrote:

    MSteen wrote:

    OK, I don't bring personal stuff into forums at all. But I'm going to make an exception today.

    My son was killed four years ago by a distracted driver. I don't know what she was doing--talking on the phone, tuning her radio, rifling through the glove compartment--but she was doing SOMETHING when she sailed across two lanes of traffic and ended his life.

    Whether you think this thread was funny, ironic, or--God help us--serious, it is really nothing more than idiotic and offensive. Hands on the wheel, eyes on the road. Period.

    Excellent that's the comment that will shut up these pathetic forums

    I die everytime I play. You don't see me talking this marvellous forum down!

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