You know you are thinking too much about chess when...

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    In the middle of your dreams...all of sudden...

    IVANCHUK appears smiling!

    I need to quit.....

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    Quiting chess for doing something better is good

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    NUKEandPAVE wrote:

    Natalia Pogonina pops up in my dreams!!


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    You only move across tiles in an L-format.

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    NUKEandPAVE wrote:

    Natalia Pogonina pops up in my dreams!!

    Maybe it is not chess you are dreaming about?


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    Speaking of spending too much time on something.

    Reminds me of the time I spent a few days studying for a test.  After one long night I set my alarm and went to bed.  In the morning when it went off I was staring at the clock, trying to figure out if I had time to hit the snooze button, but I coudln't tell what time it was.  I could read the numbers but I kept searching for the units (temperature, mass, time, etc).

    Finally I gave up and went back to sleep still not knowing.  Luckily I woke up about 5 minutes later with enough brain power to realize clocks told time and I needed to get up or I'd be late lol.

    I've had chess dreams though (vague positions and lots of maneuvering), and Estragon has shared some of his before too.  As he put it once, "trying to maneuver your pieces though the ever increasing thicket" IIRC.  I think seeing Ivanchuck's face in a dream isn't much ;)

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    Some days, when I'd fall asleep after playing chess until 4am, I would wake up talking about needing to save my queen. But I've never dreamed of Ivanchuk.

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    ...dream of game-saving variations!! 

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