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    Hello dear chess friends. I recently started to a YouTube Chess Channel and Facebook page. Less Likely famous chess channels like Agadmator, Suren, Mato Jelic I am not doing commentaries on chess games. I try to upload entertaining and informative stuff about chess daily. Its consisted of top chess series videos like top 5 or 10 series as other channels, lets guess the gm series and interesting games like between Henry Bird and Wilhelm Steinitz in 1866.

    So guys I would want to spare your few minutes and check the stuff I am doing on YouTube and Facebook if it is possible. Since chess.com is the biggest chess community here I thought you guys could help me on to learn from mistakes and grow the channel to the best. I would really appreciate your efforts. 

    By the way its called Chesstomax in Youtube


    and also same name page in Facebook


    Thanks in advance and be safe there happy.png




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