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Zombie Chess

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    A few friends and I have created a new variant on chess called zombie chess. A basic rundown of the rules is as follows:

    The rules of zombie chess are mostly the same as regular chess except for the addition a new piece: the zombie.


    What is the zombie?

    The player controlling the zombie is called “The Necromancer”.


    The zombie is neither a white or a black piece. The Necromancer’s goal is for the game to end in a draw or a stalemate. If this is achieved in any way, the Necromancer wins even if the zombie is permanently out of the game.


    The game starts just as normal chess. White moves first and black responds. The zombie does not enter the game until a piece is captured.


    How the zombie enters the game:


    When the zombie enters the game, he is placed on the square of the capturing piece and is able to make the same moves as the piece that is captured. For example, if Qd4xBd5, the zombie is placed on the d4 square and has the powers of a bishop. The exception to this rule is if a pawn is captured. If a pawn is captured, the zombie is placed on the appropriate square but can move like a king instead of a pawn with the capability of en passant. The zombie can gain power by capturing other pieces. He gets the power of whatever piece is captured. 

    The zombie cannot put a king in check. If the zombie is pinned to a king, the Necromancer loses his turn. 

    Getting the zombie out of the game:

    If either of the kings captures the zombie, he is permanently out of the game. We call this "shanking" because why not?

    Any Suggestions?

    What we find happens is that both players end up ganging up on the zombie because he needs to get out before either white or black can win. We updated the zombie to be able to move in between each player's move but then he's too powerful. What we might do is change how the Necromancer wins. Maybe he should get several pieces. Maybe he should have to checkmate both kings and gets a new piece every time a piece is captured. Any ideas are welcome.

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    A for effort. my daughter would love the idea but she's a Walking Dead fan.

    It seems that if the necromancer gets all the "dead" pieces then any endgame or even after 30 moves or so would be completly dominated by him.


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