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    robbie_1969 wrote:

    Brogues, bwahahah, mare like wellies cut aff tae look like brouges.

    lol, that's funny. Laughing

    Sorry, kaynight. Embarassed

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    Please translate!

  • #943

    Pulp....It means that people in Edinburgh can't afford proper shoes so they buy cheap wellington boots and cut the tops off to make them look like shoes. Laughing

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  • #945

    Nice idea! Btw, why are you showing your feet? This is dangerous on this site, remember. I'm well aware you can afford even Manolos.

  • #946

    Pulp. I like them but my feet say no.

  • #947

    It must be a torture.

  • #948
    Pulpofeira wrote:

    It must be a torture.

    It is, but a girl must have shoes, and plenty of them. Cool

  • #949
    kayak21 wrote:

    :D More abuse please! call me anything you like!

  • #950

    That balloon frae Glesca disnae ken whit shoes are.

  • #951

    whit you talkin aboot? last time a seen a face like yours it wiz own a balloon, any mare ah yer jive and ill gi yeh a pastein

  • #952

    Ye ken this, ya wee bachle! It disnae mater tae me that the muckle unwaashed that click oan tae this dinnae unerstaund wan wurd o' this rant. As long as ye ken yir claimed, ya bass!!

  • #953
    kaynight wrote:

    Naebudy kens 'n naebudy cares..Hope that clears it up.

    Not enough for the comments that followed, except this one.

  • #954

    since we are not trained they are among (amongst, whatever ) us apparently

    what is his choice of language again

    and by they I mean the clowns

  • #955
    Any moment now, the bagpipe's will start howling !!!
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