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    thomas_loiselle wrote:
    Tacticator wrote:

    I know this is off topic, but in Live Chess, Draws should only be offered after the player offering it makes the move. 

    I feel really irritated when someone offers a draw when its their move. 


    You offer a draw on your turn, when your time is pending, not your opponent's time...

    Incorrect:  you make your move, THEN offer the draw, THEN hit your clock.  Opponent considers the offer on his time.  You do not offer a draw when it is your turn to move:  opponent is entitled to see your move first.

    (I see Tacticator's reply, which is correct)

    Once a player has a draw  and been declined,  He is to SHUT UP.  Repeated draw offers amount to harrassing the opponent.

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    Casual_Joe wrote:

    By the way that was a nice game -- you annihilated him!

    Well thank you. I am not that good yet...your kind words are very nice. Thank you.

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    I have calmed down since then. But...is it just me or has anyone else noticed the increase in players not playing, the lost connections and of course the insults hurled your way on chat. Dont get me wrong I like the insults, when I read them I know I got the guy, but to make 2 or 3 moves and ...nevermind.

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    Yes.  There are tons and tons of people who routinely disconnect when they start losing.  It is the height of sore loser-dom.

    I checked out the "stats" of someone who did this to me just recently, and the person's stats said "Timeouts: 0%."  What is going on?  He just did it to me -- I know he timed out.  What gives?

    I suspect this site is just not banning enough people.



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