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Board not appearing in chrome?

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    For some reason since last night in chrome the board and move list does not appear when I open one of my games, although I can see it using explorer?  Any thoughts?  Chrome is my preferred browser.

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    Do you have any extensions or plugins on Chrome? Do you have javascript enabled?

  • #3

    I have javascript enabled.  Extensions include a gmail extension and an icloud extension.


    Chrome did do a recent update so not sure if that has anything to do with it - but odd I would be the only one reporting it if that were the case.

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    Update:  After I clicked the next game arrow, the board showed up and has continued to show up.  Odd - but it is fixed.

  • #5

    I suffer from the same issue in all browsers , Chrome , Fire Fox , Explorer , Opera


    Please any help ??


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