Can't move in a game.

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    lol so many ppl having the same problem

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    I woke up this morning , the site was fixes thank you!

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    Suddenly, I am having trouble moving my pieces. Each piece needs to be highlighted in it's own special random way. It takes 3-10 tries to move each piece.

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    Me too

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    I cannot move any of my pieces for the last two days. Each time I start a game it ends up aborted by the server as I cannot move any piece even if my oponent does the first move.

    Anyone can help?

    Thanks inadvance

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    report to; they are very efficient and helpful.

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    Lounous1, by any chance are you trying to move your piece by cliking it then clicking the square where you want it to move? And do you by any chance have the "highlight last move" option disabled?

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    Kansha, I  click on a piece and drag it to the square I want it to move as I always did, but it comes back to its initial position as soon as I release the button. And "Highlight the last move" is abled.

    gbrown057, I wanted first to see if anyone canhelp before reporting to

    Thanks all.

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    Could you please let me know which operating system, browser and browser version you are using?

    Have you tried clearing your cookies and cache to see if this would solve the problem?

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    I am using W7 64bit, Google chrome Version 28.0.1500.95 m.

    I will try this hoping it will work.Thx

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    This just happened to me in a winning position. :-(

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    Im having this same issue. Samsung Note Android.

    It used to highlight my pieces blue when touched. Now its a yellow outline and thats only on the occasions I can get it to highlight at all. I havnt been able to play for two days. =/

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    You gave me a hint with the kind of browser I am using. I just installed Firefox 23.0 and it works perfectly:)

    Many thanks :)

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    We shouldnt have to switch browsers to get regain functionality that was working only 3 days ago. Seems things are going downhill at

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     Ne mogu da pomjeram figure

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    I am on a regular computer and have no trouble moving in my Shogi or Go programs, but I can't move here. Help!

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    I can't move my pieces in any of the games I am playing

    please help and sort out the problem.

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    Report to

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    I am not able to start the game, The server does not allow me to play.Why? i dont know. Please advise/help

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