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Cant register to any tournament

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    I just came back to chess.com after almost 3 yrs of inactivity (might it have something to do with a certain Norwegian ?:) )

    The thing is that I want to play tourneys, but when I try to register, I always get the message "you must have a timeout ratio lower than 10 % to enter..." First of all, I cant remember timing out when I "retired" 3 yrs ago, and secondly, how can I get my timeout ratio down?

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    By playing more correspondence games where you don't time out. After all, it's a ratio, and you can't decrease the number of times you did time out, so that's the only option left.

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    It looks like what happened is that when you left, you had qualified to move on to the next round of a tournament (or had signed up for a tournament which hadn't yet started).  At some point, while you were gone, those games started.  Since you weren't around, you lost those games by running out of time.

    The good news is that it looks like those games finished back in August, so you should be getting close to the 90 days that the timeouts are measured from.  As the month goes on, those games should fall out of the window.  If you play (and complete) regular online ("correspondence-style" Online, not "OTB-style" live) games, you should be able to get that ratio down below 10% pretty quickly.  At worst, you can wait a few weeks for the last of the games to fall out of the 90-day window and you'll have a fresh 0% timeout ratio again.

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    Both of the above users are correct :) From looking at your archive you have about a week (give or take a day) until those timeouts expire. 

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    Good. It sounds weird tho, since I "retired" almost 3 years ago, I mean; did it take more than 2 years to finish those games? Or maybe I'm wrong with my timeline... Anyway, thanx for the good answers!

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    If I recall, it looked like the games were 14 days/move games.  If vacation were allowed and it was played 1 game at a time against each opponent, then I could see it lasting that long.


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