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Hello!  I´ve recently uppgraded my android mobile phone and lost the application. But, when trying to download it again from the market, I cannot find it anymore. I´ve searched for "chess" and "" but all I see see is other chess applications. What´s happened? The application was great and I miss it very much.


You can get the QR code from here: .

If that doesn't work, or you don't know how to use them, try searching for "Play Chess & Learn". The app is still there :-)


I tried searching for "Play Chess & Learn" with no luck, that´s very strange. About the QR code,  I haven´t been using them before but it seems fairly simple. I´ll try it out. thanks!


yeah im having this same issue. cant search for it, QR code finds nothing. anyone have any luck?

HTC Hero (Sprint). Rooted, running custom Android 2.1 rom (DamageControl v2)


Can't find the app either. I have a HTC Desire and am located in Norway. For me that means that pay-apps are unavailable but that shouldn't affect the app...?


I have the HTC Desire on 2.1 and I cannot locate either.  Tried through androidpit and the link said it was missing!!  I saw the app downloaded on a T-Mobile G1 3 days earlier.


I tried to locate the app with the QR code and a barcode scanner and had no luck at first, it showed up again after a couple of days when I tried the search result I got in the first place.My phone is a Samsung galaxy spica 2.1.

The same thing have happened with other apps as well so I guess it has to do with the app market or the phone rather than

Good luck finding the app again!



i just got an motrola i1 with andriod 1.5 and can not find app anywhere. not in the matkrt. not with the barcode scaner. not even sendind my phone email a link. i just says it cant be found. it may sound stupid but half of the reason a bought the phone was for this app. can someone plz help.....


What are you searching for in the market? Try "chesscom", and see if that works.


I also tried with no luck. "chesscom", "com.chess", "", "play chess", "play chess learn"... and finallly to scan the list for some time didn't help. Also the barcode leads to a non-existent address. So I suppose the app is not available in Europe's market...

I'd like to use the link posted but I still don't know how to install apps from the pc instead than from the market.


In case there are other Android newbies around, I can tell it will work doing this:

- download the app from the link posted above by cemc.

- rename the file to chesscomandroid.apk

- copy the file to the SD card at the mobile.

- use a file manager (I just installed one from the Android Market) to go to where you copied the chesscomandroid.apk file, click it and it will install it.

Now I finally have the app that also was reason for buying this phone :D


Can't install the App on my Acer E400(Android 2.1), following Alzhaid's inrtructions, and the instalation doesn't start... I also can't find the app on market. Where can I find the working app???

Are there any other android-clients for


I cant mouved the

Can not move the chess figures on chess on line


You can find it on well known apk sites like apknite and their extension


what happened to the application on cellphone? it always saying to update but I cannot find the update button nor the application in the play store.

jeffrey115 wrote:

what happened to the application on cellphone? it always saying to update but I cannot find the update button nor the application in the play store.


What version of Android do you have? It may be possible your phone doesn't support the current version.