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Chess.com bugs...

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    So I have been using the chess.com app for a while now and experience a lot of bugs. Want to see if I am the only one. To start about 3 days ago it totally erased my account of nearly 1000 played games with a final rating just over 1350. Now I have to start all over. Second it constantly logs me off. I thought it was my Internet server but have proved many times it's not. Also sometimes during a game it will not show the players last move yet my clock keeps running or it makes their pieces disappear. Lots of bugs I hope get corrected including get my old account back!!!!

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    Sorry you are experiencing this problem.

    I would just like to ask a question to help identify the problem and hopefully be able to provide a solution.

    1) What device are you using? (Iphone, android or Windows mobile 7)



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    iPod app

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    Are you using the most up to date version ?

    When was the last time you updated it?



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    Recently. It is up to date

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    Was your old account a facebook account or a normal sign up account?

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    Normal sign up I don't use Facebook. That's the thing, it didn't erase my account, it just got rid of all my games and Elo rating. I also don't like when people abandon hopeless games with a bunch of time left and I have to sit there and wait 10 minutes for their clock to expire, yet if I get kicked off and have to resign in, even if it takes 20 seconds, I am told I abandoned the game and get a loss
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    What was you previous account name?

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    Same thing it is now

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    I think it happened right around the time they gave me a free week of diamond membership. That's when all my games stats and Elo rating was erased

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    The server gave an incorrect user name error message at login. As I suspected, when I typed in the former username, it logged me in. Also there are so many bug threads, I decided to revive this three year old one.

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    This happened in 4 player chess teams: my team was yellow and blue killed his one rook and kept blue bishop there after some time yellow was able to castle with that bishop which became yellow rook after castling. I donot know if that was a bug or hack but i thought i should report it


    The game was between screwball : yellow, Mystir : red, karlhager : blue, alba1233 : green i cannot see any other info there so thats all i an provide.


    better check the coding fast. 




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