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Chess.com bugs...

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    So I have been using the chess.com app for a while now and experience a lot of bugs. Want to see if I am the only one. To start about 3 days ago it totally erased my account of nearly 1000 played games with a final rating just over 1350. Now I have to start all over. Second it constantly logs me off. I thought it was my Internet server but have proved many times it's not. Also sometimes during a game it will not show the players last move yet my clock keeps running or it makes their pieces disappear. Lots of bugs I hope get corrected including get my old account back!!!!

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    Sorry you are experiencing this problem.

    I would just like to ask a question to help identify the problem and hopefully be able to provide a solution.

    1) What device are you using? (Iphone, android or Windows mobile 7)



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    iPod app

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    Are you using the most up to date version ?

    When was the last time you updated it?



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    Recently. It is up to date

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    Was your old account a facebook account or a normal sign up account?

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    Normal sign up I don't use Facebook. That's the thing, it didn't erase my account, it just got rid of all my games and Elo rating. I also don't like when people abandon hopeless games with a bunch of time left and I have to sit there and wait 10 minutes for their clock to expire, yet if I get kicked off and have to resign in, even if it takes 20 seconds, I am told I abandoned the game and get a loss
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    What was you previous account name?

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    Same thing it is now

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    I think it happened right around the time they gave me a free week of diamond membership. That's when all my games stats and Elo rating was erased

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    The server gave an incorrect user name error message at login. As I suspected, when I typed in the former username, it logged me in. Also there are so many bug threads, I decided to revive this three year old one.


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