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Chess.com Email

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    I just tried to open my Chess.com email, for the first time in a long time. It is asking me for a password. I never had to have such a thing before. Do I simply enter my id and password as if I was logging into Chess.com itself ?

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    Nevermind, figured it out...

  • #3

    where did you see the link to click to go into your email on your chess.com homepage?

  • #4

    Upper left hand side, underneath messages...

  • #5

    I like click.

  • #6

    i am having trouble with the training tactics they just dont work right any more. 

  • #7


    Care to be a bit more descriptive? What's happening exactly?

  • #8

    The range can be reduced +100 or -100 with the present rating, so that I have pleasure to participate in the games




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