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daily puzzle comments complaint

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    i couldn't find a thread on this topic with a simple search, but something tells me i'm not the first to bring this up: the daily puzzle comments are worthless.

    there should be a moderator that should be doing some moderating and delete the spam of " first!!1!", "too easy", and "nice :)"

    the daily puzzle section is clearly a very popular section of chess.com and i think that it could become a more valuable tool for learning if a moderator actually promoted discussion and actual content.

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    Good feedback, thank you. I'll look into this.

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    Not too long ago the comments there were being moderated, but that seems to have stopped for some reason.

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    This is a fantastic idea.

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    5th.  I agree with o.p. & 4th. 

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    How about instead of a moderator, chess.com staff just makes a suggestion at the top of every puzzle, "Please make your comments count. Comments such as "first!!1!", "too easy", or "nice :)" take away from the opportunity to learn from these puzzles by cluttering the comment thread. Such comments will earn you the disdain of your fellow chess.com members and could subject you to a commenting ban." 

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    It seems that the staff here are the main ones posting in the daily puzzle column. 

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    How about there are buttons under the puzzle saying "nice", "too easy" and so forth, kind of like like or dislike buttons? then people could vote there w/out cluttering the chat.

    This was a half-serious suggestion.

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    This is a GREAT idea.

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    A poll for each puzzle is a great idea. And maybe it could provide data to improve the puzzles. 

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    This would be nice, sometimes is nice to discuss some other variation, or whay some other move doesn't work, etc. With so many irrelevant posts it gets hard to do it.

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    Very Good Idea Sir,, I think that all the mods of chess.com needs to read This forum.. :)


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