Droid app opens market?

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    The last few updates to the ChessCom Android app seem to be shortcuts to the market link to the app, rather than the app itself.  I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but to no avail.  Is it possible for the ChessCom icon to directly open the app rather than opening the market?  Thanks!


    Cheers, Zak

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    Do you have your updates on automatic?

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    No, should I turn it on?  Why does this make a difference?  Thanks!

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    If you have it turned on, your droid downloads and installs automatically so you won't need to click on any links or go to MarketPlace.

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    I'm not clicking on any links or even trying to go to the market.  I have an icon with a green pawn that is called "ChessCom" and when I tap it, I am taken to the market.  From there I have to tap "open" to run ChessCom app.  Before, when I clicked on the icon, it would take me straight to the login screen.

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    Can you please let me know which Android it is and which version app you're using?

    You can find the app version by going into settings /applications /manage applications / chess.com

    The version is on the top right corner

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    Sure:  app version is 1.961

    The phone is the HTC incredible, model ADR6300, Android v. 2.3.4.  Thanks for your help!

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    Thanks. Bear with me i'm talking with the app developer about this for you.

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