Fair Play tactics, screen switching

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    Recently playing on Chess.com has been a joy.   I don’t know why it took me so long to begin playing here.    (other than the yearly costMoney Mouth)

    Although with any chess site the players CHEAT.   And cheat a lot, (no matter the excuse; learning, cheater-cheated me, etc.)      Chess.com has alot of options for prevention as it is.  Including game analysis. 

    I have seen the ‘Fair play’ notification before, and this is a good Idea.   But just like in chess “there is good, and there is better”  

    Often cheaters use chess programs to cheat.  What if there is a 10 or 15 second penalty for switching your screen between moves?   

    Alternatively; you could let the user define this.  Or put a screen switch limit or auto-forfeiture , stating if the users screen switches 10 moves in a game it’s an auto-forfeiture.  Or  if screen switching  10 out of 17 moves is likely cheating.  

    You may also ‘white list’ certain screens to switch to; although this is beyond simple and likely out of scope.

    Any Ideas on this?  Any other suggestions on prevention?   

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    I think chess.com, or any other website you visit, has no business whatsoever to know whether the users switches the screens or not, and certainly not to what screens is switched to!

    Also I am quite sure they technically can't detect this, and it's a very bad indicator if somebody is cheating or not.

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    I switch screens often during standard games I play here on chess.com, especially when I'm paired against weaker opposition in a tournament game and have to bring a checkmate to non-resigners who play on after having lost their rook on move 9 or something, and I have never cheated. You can also get the occasional gtalk or skype message and need to quickly check it out in serious games. Restrictions on screen switching are uncalled for, I think.

    Besides all that, I'm not sure if following this is even technically possible.

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