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    a few times just now I have been using tactic trainer, in my account, and for some reason, after about 4 or five examples, chess.com thinks I'm a guest, and gives me "10 demo" for a guest.  It automatically logs me out of my account.  quite frustrating.  I've been a member for one and a half years or more, and never had a problem like this.  Does anyone know why this is happening?  thanks very much

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    Next time try describing your OS and browser, this sounds like a browser related problem. Try using a different browser for now and read my blog and start doing all the routine maintenance it describes to avoid future problems

    If you can't fix the problem and it doesn't just go away on its own contact the staff directly via Help & Support


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    thank you-- I'm using a macbook pro, os 10.6.8 and using safari.  I'll go ahead and remove all add-ons , plug-ins and the like, and do some of the other things you suggest, and see if that helps.  appreciate it--

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    If it's not too late just disable all the add-ons, plug-ins etc - unless you hate all of them anyway for slowing down your browser and/or hogging up CPU/RAM (which some of them do) But seriously, many of them are useful for various purposes so if possible disable all of 'em and if that fixes the problem turn 'em back on one at a time until you find the "culprit" causing the problem.

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